Childers Park

Childers Park

Childer’s Park is a seventeen acre passive park in the heart of the City of Monroe, two blocks from the Walton County historic courthouse. In 2009, Friends of Walton County, a private non-profit organization, in partnership with the City of Monroe, began working to turn the property from an overgrown kudzu hill into a functioning park with almost a mile of walking trails.

They received a grant to install the trails and a grant for signage. They have used private funds to build necessary footbridges and complete the initial grading and site development. Friends of Walton will continue to work on improving the park by adding landscaping and benches, and hopefully restore the natural spring that runs in the park as well. The City of Monroe has assisted in the park development with labor and materials to add public parking spaces near the park, improve storm drainage around the park area, add paved street access to one entrance of the park, and install sidewalks at one park entrance.

The site of the park holds a special place in the history of Monroe as it was where the original Monroe High School football stadium sat. Many long time residents have enjoyed walking or biking the trails at the park and remembering their time spent there in high school.

The Park is the site of picnics, family walks, and since 2015, our downtown dog park.

See the Childers Park Master Plan